The Indians are Still in a Pickle When it Comes to Top Prospect Nolan Jones

Tim Phillis – News-Herald

“Once everything is agreed upon, and questions about when the season will start and how it’ll look are resolved, teams can begin addressing some of their own pressing matters for the year ahead.”

I wrote this in May, back when MLB was attempting to put a 2020 campaign in place. The pressing matter I was referring to at the time was what the Cleveland Indians were going to do with Nolan Jones.

Jones — ranked by MLB Pipeline as the No. 42 prospect in baseball — could still use some seasoning in the minors, an opportunity which won’t be available this summer. As a result, the Indians had to figure out how to ensure his development wasn’t paused one year before a big league vacancy opened up for him.

The season has now been determined and, technically, so has the fate of Jones. The Indians have 60 games to play this year, but Jones and 14 other prospects will train together off-site.

On the surface, it appears this issue is figured out. Cleveland can focus on the season ahead, doing so without having to worry about Jones spending an entire summer collecting rust.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. In fact, even with Jones’ 2020 plans determined, you could argue the Indians still have some complications to navigate when it comes to their top prospect.

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