The Indians Can Survive the Loss of Emmanuel Clase

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The Cleveland Indians were dealt quite a blow yesterday, losing Emmanuel Clase to an 80-game suspension after the reliever tested positive for a performance enhancing drug. Several questions have since surfaced in the wake of the news.

Considered the key return in the Indians’ offseason trade of Corey Kluber, does Clase’s suspension prove they lost this deal?

Why do those punished for their involvement in the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal fulfill their sentences even if there’s no 2020 season, but Clase’s suspension doesn’t kick in until games begin?

Most importantly, can the Indians — desperately needing to contend while they still have the benefit of Francisco Lindor — survive adversity like this?

While it’s too early to claim the Tribe has officially lost the Kluber trade, and I couldn’t tell you why A.J. Hinch’s suspension expires this winter even if there’s no season, I do know the answer to the last question.

Yes, Cleveland can certainly survive the loss of Clase.

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