Indians Lookback: The Strange Saga of the Man Once Called Fausto Carmona

Joe Robbins-Getty Images

Googling the name “Fausto Carmona” is a bit of an odd experience.

The images which pop up are indeed those of the former Cleveland Indians pitcher. The same can be said for any stats shown in the results.

However, the name you’re presented is completely different than the one you searched for.

Roberto Hernández.

Mind you, there are no “did you mean to search” or “users also searched for” to be found in the results. You simply seek one name, and get served another.

It’s fitting, honestly, considering this accurately sums up Carmona’s time with the Tribe — thinking you’re getting one thing, only to get another.

A failed closer. A Cy Young-caliber starter. The inconsistent ace of a shoddy rotation. Fausto Carmona’s career bounced back and forth, littered with so many twists in such a short period of time that it’s still hard to keep track.

And this was before we found out that wasn’t even his real name.

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