Four of the Cleveland Indians’ Biggest ‘What Ifs’ in Recent Memory

Tim Bradbury-Getty Images

What if it never rained?

Cleveland Indians fans love to play this game when recalling the 2016 World Series. Well, “love” might be a strong word.

Still, many Tribe supporters believe, had there not been a rain delay soon after Rajai Davis’ game-tying home run in Game 7, Cleveland would’ve maintained its momentum and won it all.

Obviously, there was no controlling the weather that night. Knowing this, it’s hard for me to put too much stock in the rain delay theory.

That’s not to say there aren’t several “what ifs” which have haunted the Indians over their past postseason runs. In fact, these four moments may give Cleveland fans far more to ponder than wondering what would’ve happened under a more favorable forecast on the final night of the ‘16 Series.

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