Indians Fans Shouldn’t Compare Francisco Lindor’s Situation to Christian Yelich’s Extension

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Yesterday’s news of star outfielder Christian Yelich agreeing to a contract extension with the Milwaukee Brewers appeared to receive two reactions – joy and anger.

Admittedly, none of the latter was felt in Wisconsin.

While Brewers fans celebrated their team ponying up a nine-figure contract for Yelich, most of the vitriol from this news occurred 423 miles east. Within the Cleveland Indians’ fan-base, this news was viewed as another reason to bash team ownership for its handling of superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor.

Seeing Milwaukee shed payroll this winter, but then use freed up funds to help ink an extension with Yelich. Seeing a small-market team in general fork over a large contract for its star. Seeing the Brewers convince Yelich to take a hometown discount.

They’re all factors which, on the surface, could force a Cleveland fan to say “why can’t that happen here?”

To those who’ve felt this, who are tempted to voice their frustration about another small-market club proving that, yes, they make money, too, I have one polite suggestion.


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