Trust John Dorsey, No Matter Who He Picks as the Next Browns Coach

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There are many things we don’t know when it comes to the Cleveland Browns‘ search for their next head coach. We have no idea who GM John Dorsey will eventually go with. Or who the current front-runner is. Or even who is and isn’t a legit candidate.

Outside of who’s met with the team already and who’s scheduled to do so in the near future, this coaching search is about as secretive as it gets. That said, there’s one thing I can fully guarantee about Dorsey’s eventual pick as Cleveland’s new coach.

It’s going to piss some people off.

Based on comments I’ve seen over the past few months, there’s simply no unanimous favorite among supporters, no one candidate everyone would be aligned with. This hire is without a doubt going to be divisive within the Browns fan-base no matter who it ends up being.

Essentially, whatever Dorsey decides to do, it’s going to elicit some angry fan responses. It’d be best to start making peace with that now.

With that said, allow me to make an important assurance to anyone who’s gearing up to be aggravated about the Browns not picking the coach they want.

At the end of the day, we have to trust Dorsey here. He’s already earned plenty of good faith.

It won’t be easy, I know that much. I’ve heard countless reasons to worry about almost every name currently linked to the opening.

Mike McCarthy? He was unceremoniously bounced from the Green Bay Packers after his relationship with quarterback Aaron Rodgers soured to a point of no return. The Browns clearly don’t want to risk bringing him in to lead Baker Mayfield if he already failed to get along with one of the best QBs in the NFL.

Josh McDaniels? He flamed out when coaching the Denver Broncos, and is one year removed from committing to the Indianapolis Colts before doubling back after the hire was announced. This, plus the frighteningly low success rate seen with coaches from the Bill Belichick tree makes McDaniels a risky hire.

Freddie Kitchens? Sure, he turned Mayfield into a star after his midseason promotion to offensive coordinator. However, he doesn’t have the experience you’d like to see in a head coach. Is eight games as an OC enough proof Kitchens could handle running the entire show?

Gregg Williams? This would just be a case of the Browns settling, passing on potentially better candidates out of a fear of change.

Anyone not named Gregg Williams? Well now Cleveland is just ruining a good thing, breaking up a staff which helped turned the 2018 season around.

Face it. No matter who Dorsey hires, a sizable number of fans are going to be upset.

Knowing this, giving Dorsey some well-deserved leeway is beyond necessary. He’s yet to lead the Browns astray since becoming their GM in late 2017, so we have to believe that won’t be changing with this call.

Remember, while an astoundingly high amount of Dorsey’s decisions over the past year have been successful, not everyone felt they would be when they were initially made.

Not everyone thought drafting Mayfield and Denzel Ward with the first and fourth overall picks was a good idea. Not everyone liked the idea of trading running back Carlos Hyde or wideout Josh Gordon. These calls and others were met with heavy criticism from more than a few in the Browns’ fan-base.

With these and other decisions, though, Dorsey proved any and all doubters wrong. Reasons to be skeptical of his calls vanished, instantly in some cases.

For now, we have to believe the same will occur when he announces his pick for the next head coach.

There’s a good chance the man he eventually hires isn’t who you wanted to get the job. He may not have the experience you’d like to see. He may come from college when you’d prefer someone from the pros, or vice versa. He probably won’t be Gregg Williams.

What he will be, though, is someone Dorsey thinks is the right man to coach the Browns. The guy he believes will turn Cleveland into a contender. At the end of the day, that’s all we can ask for, as he’s yet to steer this team in the wrong direction.

Keep that in mind if Dorsey hires someone you don’t think is the best man for the job.

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