Tyler Naquin Likely Sticking Around For a While with Cleveland Indians

While outfielder Marlon Byrd wasn’t exactly a core player for the Cleveland Indians, losing him to a PED suspension this week was still quite a blow. At 38 years of age, the five home runs and 19 RBIs he contributed to the team were really seen as a bonus more than anything, as was his ability to platoon in the outfield while Michael Brantley was on the DL. Since Byrd won’t be suiting up again for the Indians and Brantley is still recovering from shoulder inflammation, the team was suddenly shallow in the outfield.

Unsurprisingly, Cleveland called on Tyler Naquin, who’s made the trip back and forth from the minors a few times already this season. However, based on the early returns, he might not be heading back down to Triple A anytime soon.

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