Kevin Love Threatening to Disappear Again for Cleveland Cavaliers

If anyone was turning the most heads during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 10-0 start to the postseason, it was Kevin Love. Sure, people were raving about the play of Kyrie Irving, how efficient LeBron James had been and the team’s ability to rain three-pointers across any competition. However, Love was still the biggest surprise.

After two years of looking like a square peg in a round hole, Love was finally showing everyone why Cleveland traded for him. He played with newfound aggression, was bullying his way around the paint and also hitting plenty of shots beyond the arc. Couple all of this with the numerous stories about his finally fitting in with his teammates, and you couldn’t help but think Love was at long last turning the corner.

After watching Love’s Game 3 and 4 performances against the Toronto Raptors, you’re forced to wonder if all these positive adjustments were left in customs.

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