Where is Drew Rosenhaus’ Ultimatum for Josh Gordon?

Last week, Drew Rosenhaus – one of the most powerful agents in the NFL – threatened one of his newest clients with an ultimatum. The player in question was unemployed quarterback Johnny Manziel, and the ultimatum was simple – if Rosenhaus was to keep representing the former Cleveland Brown, he had to get treatment. Manziel has been very publically drinking and getting in trouble, obviously spiraling out of control with little disregard for his NFL future, and Rosenhaus wasn’t going to waste his time trying to find him a new team if he didn’t seem to care.

Today, the ultimatum expired, and Manziel has now been dropped by two agents in a little over two months. It was the first time Rosenhaus has ever fired a client, but when a stipulation is given, and a player doesn’t follow it, you don’t have much of a choice.

What I’m most curious about, though, is Rosenhaus’ other headline-stealing client.

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