Detroit Pistons Pose Problems for Cleveland Cavaliers

I think everyone who follows the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as the players themselves, are more than happy about the fact the regular season is finally behind us. It was 82 inconsistent games, surrounded by weird social media habits and rumors of chemistry problems, and it’s all thankfully over. The Cavs undoubtedly are thrilled, as the postseason can at long last get under way.

That said, just because Cleveland earned the top seed in the Eastern Conference doesn’t mean the road will be easy. Along with the aforementioned issues the team dealt with during the season, the Cavs are also heading into the playoffs with a target on their back. They’re a popular pick to get back to the Finals, while the rest of the east is seen as also-rans. This means seven teams are gunning to take down Cleveland.

The first of which is the Detroit Pistons. Despite the fact this a one vs. eight seed matchup, I’d be surprised if the Cavs swept their way past Detroit. Though not much is expected of them in terms of a deep playoff run, make no mistake, the Pistons are going to cause trouble for Cleveland.

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