Cleveland Cavaliers Need Kevin Love Contributing in All Four Quarters

At this point, I’ve lost track of how many times the phrase “Cleveland Cavaliers lose to a team they should’ve beaten” has been utilized this season. It’s often stated after Cleveland had started to look like championship contenders. Said losses usually involve a sub-par opponent, or one working with an injury-depleted roster. The losses themselves are becoming less frustrating than the frequency at which they occur.

Another one of these defeats took place last night, as the Cavs lost to a Chicago Bulls team on the verge of being eliminated from the postseason. Cleveland crumbled in the fourth quarter thanks to being unable to go punch-for-punch with the Bulls’ bench unit. It was just more proof the Cavs’ negative trends don’t appear to be going anywhere soon.

While we’re on the subject of “stop me if you’ve heard this before,” Kevin Love started the game on fire, pouring in 13 points and grabbing five rebounds. If you’ve followed the Cavs all season long, you could predict what would happen from here.

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