Cleveland Cavaliers Are Running Out of Time to Fix Issues

At this point in the season, it really doesn’t make sense to get overly emotional when the Cleveland Cavaliers lay an egg on the court.

Is it frustrating to see one of the popular picks to win a title get shellacked as it did last night against the Miami Heat, or get run off the court by what was essentially the Memphis Grizzlies’ JV team a couple weeks ago? Absolutely. This team hasn’t consistently looked like a contender all season long, and these and other pathetic losses have gotten old.

Still, it’s been Cleveland’s M.O. all year. Win a few games, start to look like everything’s coming together, get boat-raced by a team who shouldn’t even still be in the game by halftime. Honestly, there’s really no point in acting shocked about it anymore.

However, there’s a difference between making peace with a bad loss every fourth or fifth game and ignoring the problems the Cavs continue to display. The issues with this team are still in need of some serious work, and Cleveland is running low on time to take care of them.

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