Cleveland Browns Smart to Try and Get Colin Kaepernick to Take a Pay Cut

There’s no hiding the fact this has been a rough week for the new Cleveland Browns front office. Fans who were excited about what appeared to be the universal appeal of coach Hue Jackson and assuming it would do nothing but lure free agents to the team instead watched everyone flee Cleveland as if their lives depended on it. Before the new league year was even officially open, all four of the Browns’ marquee free agents had agreed to deals with new teams, and very few of them showed much remorse for leaving Cleveland.

Hurting the new regime was the fact it appeared the offers being made were quite low, and agents were expressing significant frustration. A new staff once lauded for being incredibly educated was now getting criticized for seeming quite cheap.

This accusation reared its head up again yesterday, as new developments surfaced regarding the Browns’ ongoing trade talks for San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

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