Cleveland Cavaliers Must Sustain Momentum From Latest Winning Streak

There was a moment during the first quarter of last night’s game between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers where you couldn’t help but think, “Here we go again.”

The Cavs had just come off a resounding victory against the Washington Wizards the night before, exacting some revenge from last Sunday’s putrid performance. The team seemed to find some success going small-ball, which contributed to one of the most convincing wins the Cavs have put forth in a couple weeks. All in all, it appeared Cleveland ready to turn the corner from a relatively strange few days full of tweets, trips to Florida and cries for an enforcer.

Then, as the Celtics ripped the Cavs apart throughout last night’s opening frame, it looked like everything was undone again. Down 33-17, Cleveland appeared as though it was going through the same motions it has all season long – follow up a solid victory with an uninspired defeat. The Cavs were getting worked defensively, the body language was poor and it was tough to think there was anyone on the bench who wasn’t already mentally moving on to the next game.

However, it turns out Cleveland actually wasn’t going through the same routine this time.

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