Carson Wentz Quickly Becoming the Popular Pick for Cleveland Browns

With the NFL Draft a little under two months away, all eyes seem to be on the Cleveland Browns and how they’ll be using their No. 2 overall pick. Since Cleveland has yet to find anything remotely close to a franchise quarterback, the popular assumption is the team will target that position. Though there are still a few who’d hope the Browns take Ohio State star Joey Bosa and boost the defense, the gaping hole at quarterback is likely too big to ignore.

For a while now, California’s Jared Goff seemed to be the consensus top QB available in the draft heading into last weekend’s NFL Combine. Though he isn’t seen as a can’t miss prospect, Goff appeared to have more going for him than other quarterbacks available.

It looks like things have changed now that the Combine has come and gone. However, it wasn’t due to Goff struggling during his workouts, but instead because another QB is starting to generate hype at a level which can’t be ignored. All of the sudden, North Dakota State prospect Carson Wentz has become the biggest name at QB, and is now seen by many as the player Cleveland is expected to select second overall.

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