Cleveland Cavaliers Fans Should Stop Bashing Anderson Varejao for Signing with Golden State Warriors

When the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Anderson Varejao last week, I’ll admit I was a little bummed. The Brazilian forward had been with Cleveland since 2004, and put in a ton of work to improve his game during that time. Additionally, he earned plenty of respect for trying to make something out of the miserably bad post-LeBron James Cavs teams from 2010-2014.

However, it was obvious Varejao wasn’t doing too much with Cleveland this year, and I completely understood why he was dealt and subsequently bought out.

On top of this, I totally get why he’s signing with the juggernaut Golden State Warriors, a move which was recently reported. If the best team in the NBA shows interest in acquiring you, why wouldn’t you agree to join the roster?

At the end of the day, I’ve had no real reaction to Varejao becoming a Warrior, because quite honestly it’s really no big deal. I felt it was safe to assume the majority of Cavs fans treated this move with the same indifference.

Well, at least that’s what I thought would happen. Listening to Cleveland sports radio this morning, it seems I’m in the minority here.

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