Matt Patricia Seems Like Best Coaching Candidate For Cleveland Browns

Ever since the Cleveland Browns kicked off their latest coaching search, one of the most popular names among fans was Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase.

The Browns were dying to get an interview with him two years ago, but he postponed any talks until after he was done running the offense for the Super Bowl-bound Denver Broncos. Knowing the coaching search had already gone too long, Cleveland scratched Gase’s name off the list and instead hired Mike Pettine.

Earlier this week, the Browns finally got the interview they were waiting for, going over their latest coaching vacancy with Gase in a discussion which reportedly went well. Word is Cleveland was looking to bring him back in for a second interview, as he seemed like a solid fit for its new analytics-focused approach.

If the Browns had set aside some time for this second interview, there’s no longer any need for it. Gase was officially hired by the Miami Dolphins today, and Cleveland now gets back to the drawing board.

However, fans putting all their hope in the Browns hiring Gase shouldn’t be too distraught about him being snatched away. In fact, the team interviewed a coach today who might actually be a perfect fit for what they’re looking for.

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