Johnny Manziel Spat in the Face of the Cleveland Browns

When Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel’s rookie season came to completion last year, I couldn’t help but think there was no way things would get worse.

There was just no way the flashy QB could put forth a campaign any more disastrous than the one he did in 2014. The continued drinking, the beyond obvious lack of preparation, the constant insistence that he’d finally learned his lesson right before he made another stupid mistake. All of this rolled into an absolute nightmare of a rookie year, and it seemed impossible things could get any lower for Manziel.

So, color me astounded when I found myself thinking today that, yes, it sure could get worse. Believe it or not, the 2015 season was even more embarrassing for Manziel. Where last year he was an immature and unprepared rookie, this season he completely spat in the face of his team. As a result, don’t expect him to be a member of the Browns much longer.

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