With Manziel’s Season Over, Browns Have No Choice but to Draft a Quarterback Early

One of the main takeaways the Cleveland Browns needed from this season was to know whether or not they had a starting quarterback in Johnny Manziel. A franchise which hasn’t had a consistent starter at QB since the days of Bernie Kosar had to determine if their 2014 first-round pick could be a tentative solution at best. Manziel’s rookie year was an utter disaster, but the newfound seriousness with which he took to this past offseason at least gave the Browns hope he may be someone they could build around.

Unfortunately, the team only saw small doses of the former Texas A&M star this year, certainly not enough to determine whether or not he’s the future at QB. Some of it was due to the Browns’ over-reliance on veteran Josh McCown, but part of this was also thanks to Manziel continually getting himself into trouble off the field.

Regardless, Cleveland simply never saw enough from Manziel to prove he could be their starter next year. His chance to get one final audition this Sunday has been dashed thanks to his being diagnosed with a concussion yesterday. As a result, the team has no choice but to target a quarterback early in the upcoming draft, potentially with its first overall pick.

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