Terry Francona All But Confirms Indians Unlikely to Part with Pitchers

Once again, it’s been a quiet offseason for the Cleveland Indians. After falling just short of the postseason for the second straight year, the hope was the Tribe would make a couple significant acquisitions to finally push them over the top. However, MLB Winter Meetings came and went without Cleveland making any major moves.

Things at least seemed like they might take a different route for the Indians this offseason, though. Stocked with one of the deepest starting rotations in the majors, the common belief was the team would be willing to part with one of its arms to finally bring some pop to the batting order. That said, despite various pitchers being mentioned in rumors here and there, the rotation remains intact.

Having the Winter Meetings come and go without a Cleveland pitcher being moved certainly intimated the whole rotation would be back next season. In a recent interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, manager Terry Francona all but confirmed this.

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