Returning to Form Will Be Long Process for Cavs’ Kyrie Irving

When Iman Shumpert returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers two weeks ago after recovering from offseason wrist surgery, the transition seemed seamless. Despite having been shelved for the first month and a half of the season, Cleveland’s defensive specialist looked as though he hadn’t missed a step.

After such an impressive debut from Shumpert, the hope was the team would see the same result from star guard Kyrie Irving once he recovered from a fractured kneecap. Obviously, an injury that severe wasn’t going to make getting back on the court an easy process. However, having Irving back in the fold, therefore completing the Cavs’ Big Three, was expected to turn to the team into the juggernaut everyone anticipated they’d be.

Unfortunately, though, it hasn’t gone as smoothly as the Cavs may have hoped.

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