Cleveland Browns Must Find Out if They Have a Wideout in Terrelle Pryor

I spent much of this past summer clamoring for the Cleveland Browns to give former Ohio State Buckeye Terrelle Pryor a legitimate shot at their final roster.

Knowing his time as an NFL quarterback was all but over, Pryor made a desperation move and changed positions to receiver. As drastic as such a change was, he took it incredibly seriously, training all summer long with some of the league’s best wideouts. Additionally, the Browns were very slim at playmakers in any position, especially receiver. They had some good possession wideouts, but nobody who had Pryor’s skillset and could truly be a game-breaker.

Oddly enough, four months later, and with just three games left in Cleveland’s season, I find myself thinking the same thing once again. The Browns are giving Pryor a chance, and they have to find out if he’s truly the game-changing wide receiver he could potentially be.

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