Cleveland Indians Seem to Be Prepping for Another Quiet Offseason

Complacency. That was the one thing I was genuinely afraid of as the Cleveland Indians headed into the current offseason. I was nervous the team would see barely missing the postseason as proof only a couple minor tweaks were needed. This, of course, is inaccurate, as coming up short on a wild card berth was more due to the fact the American League was relatively weak, and an Indians team which was under .500 for most of the season almost cashed in.

Cleveland badly needed to ignore how this season ended, choosing against minor additions and attempting to instead try to make major acquisitions. The team needs offense, and has pieces it can utilize to get it. With a couple big bats added to the lineup, the Indians would finally be the contenders Sports Illustrated predicted them to be last year.

However, just a few days into MLB Winter Meetings, it doesn’t look like much has changed with Cleveland’s typical offseason mindset. Notable names have been rumored, but rumors are about as far as anything has gone. Once again, it looks like the Tribe has no interest in making any sort of big moves.

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