Cleveland Browns May Have Officially Washed Their Hands of Johnny Manziel

Even as I wrote yesterday that the possibility of Austin Davis being named the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns seemed plausible, I’m not quite sure I believed it. Though the team had essentially grounded Johnny Manziel, it just seemed much more logical for him to go back on the field this coming Sunday. Surely, as angry as coach Mike Pettine was with Manziel, he wouldn’t end up giving Davis the job, right?

Wrong. Earlier today, Pettine announced Davis – thanks mostly to a good showing in four minutes of play last Monday night – will indeed start this weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals. Manziel will serve as his backup.

The message Cleveland sent by benching Manziel after he tried to cover up another partying incident was loud and clear. However, the one the team is sending by choosing Davis over him is deafening. At this point, it sure sounds like the Browns are preparing to wash their hands of Manziel this offseason.

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