Cleveland Browns Have to Stick with Johnny Manziel

Before the Cleveland Browns took on the Cincinnati Bengals last Thursday, I noted how important it was for Johnny Manziel to earn the starting quarterback job. Thrust back onto the field in short notice after Josh McCown suffered a laundry list of injuries and ailments, it couldn’t be stressed enough how badly Manziel needed to prove his worth and ensure the Browns had no choice but to stick with him for the rest of this already-lost season.

You could argue his first half performance in said game certainly helped his cause. At the same time, the way he and the rest of the Cleveland offense played in the 31-10 loss to the Bengals left a ton to be desired.

At the end of the game, you really couldn’t say Manziel had done everything he could to convince the Browns they needed to keep him in as the starting quarterback. Regardless, that doesn’t matter anymore. Despite an inconsistent night from Manziel, Cleveland should keep him on the field for the rest of the season.

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