Kevin Love a Completely Different Player So Far for Cleveland Cavaliers

I remember how giddy I was when, two summers ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers completed their Big Three by swinging a trade for Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love. While it was unfortunate the deal had to involve parting ways with sure-to-be superstar Andrew Wiggins, in the long run it didn’t matter. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving now had their stretch forward, someone who could hurt you from all sides of the court, and you couldn’t help but wonder just how dominant Cleveland’s offense was going to be.

These thoughts seemed to be dashed in a bit of a hurry once the 2014-15 season kicked off, though. Love would have his moments, sure, but it was quite obvious from the get-go how out of place he felt. His stats declined, he didn’t seem to do much defensively and, offensively, a majority of his plays resulted in him just shifting to a corner hoping for a three-point shot to come his way.

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