No Need to Panic About Cleveland Cavaliers’ Preseason Struggles

There’s no getting around the fact the Cleveland Cavaliers represent a long-suffering sports city’s only true hope for a championship. The Cleveland Indians are a few pieces away from potentially being a playoff team, while the Cleveland Browns are, well, the Browns.

So, it’s no surprise much of Northeast Ohio is counting down ’til October 27, when the Cavs return to try and finish the job they came so close to achieving this past summer.

However, those eagerly awaiting the start of the NBA season also seem to be getting a little nervous about Cleveland’s preseason performance so far. After a lopsided loss to the Indiana Pacers last night, the Cavaliers fell to 0-5 in the preseason. The team has also dealt with its fair share of injuries in the days leading up to opening night. Thanks to his receiving an anti-inflammatory injection in his back earlier this week, LeBron James is likely out for the rest of the preseason, as well.

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