Josh McCown Quietly Silencing Critics with Cleveland Browns

There’s no use in denying it: I wholeheartedly wanted the Cleveland Browns to stick with Johnny Manziel at quarterback. I pulled no punches when it was announced that, despite beating the Tennessee Titans, Manziel was being sent back to the bench so the Browns could start journeyman vet Josh McCown. I thought it was the wrong move, that Cleveland was hitching its cart to a horse with no legs.

After last week’s loss to the San Diego Chargers, in which McCown threw for 356 yards and a couple touchdowns, I ate a little crow in stating that, while the Browns had a ton of issues to deal with, their quarterback wasn’t one of them. McCown was proving to be serviceable enough to at least give Cleveland what it needed on offense, something very few expected of him.

Today, though, everything changed. Today, even the loudest Manziel supporters had to sit back admire what they saw from the Browns in their win over the hated Baltimore Ravens. Today, it was time for everyone, no matter which quarterback they supported, to admit a simple, yet obvious fact.

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