TMZ Story Suggests Bad Days on Horizon for Cleveland Browns

By now, everyone knows about the TMZ report regarding the Cleveland Browns and the apparent locker room schism over starting quarterbacks. Per the report, three unnamed starters voiced their frustration with quarterback Johnny Manziel getting sent back to the bench despite netting the team’s only victory this year. Every Browns player who’s spoken about the report has denied it, while TMZ continues to stand by its reporting, hammering home that, yes, three starters anonymously vented about Manziel being on the bench.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you whether I think this report is true or not. Obviously nobody in Cleveland’s locker room is going to admit to providing the quotes, so it’s no surprise everyone is denying it. At the same time, it seems odd putting weight in the idea players would reach out to TMZ of all places to vent off the record.

What I’m concerned about in all of this is the timing.

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