No Excuse for Cleveland Browns Being So Unprepared Yesterday

I woke up this morning with what had to be the same attitude as all Cleveland Browns fans after yesterday’s Week 1 loss; feeling equal parts cranky, let down, and cynical. It’s been this way the Monday after the season opener for the past eleven years.

After getting walloped by the New York Jets 31-10 in yet another embarrassing season debut, the Browns aren’t exactly giving fans hope for a positive year. Despite some flashes here and there, Cleveland overall struggled in every facet of the game yesterday. The team claims they’ll spend the week regrouping to ensure this doesn’t happen again, but I’m not sure if that’ll be enough time to fix all the mistakes from their loss.

While they take the next few days to lick their wounds, I can’t help but ask myself what the Browns did to prepare for yesterday’s game. The snarky response would be “nothing,” especially looking at how badly Cleveland struggled on both offense and defense. At the same time, it can’t be understated how unprepared the Browns looked yesterday.

You also can’t ignore the fact the team has absolutely no excuse for such a thing.

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