Cleveland Cavaliers Would Be Foolish to Give Tristan Thompson Max Contract

It feels it’s been forever since the initial report surfaced claiming the Cleveland Cavaliers and restricted free agent Tristan Thompson were set to agree on a deal worth about $80 million. Part of this is due to the fact it all took place on the opening day of free agency back in July, amidst a flurry of contracts the Cavs were handing out. It also seems like so long ago because, frankly, not much has happened since.

The report was soon denied, claiming the two sides were talking, but not close to an agreement just yet. However, a lot of time has passed, and Thompson remains unsigned. To be fair, word was the negotiations weren’t too volatile and Thompson didn’t seem to have a ton of leverage, leading some to believe it was just a matter of time.

Thanks to today’s news, this could drag out a little longer. It also could get a lot uglier.

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