Study Ridiculously Ranks Cleveland Browns Fans 31st in NFL

Let’s be honest; every fan thinks his or her team has the best supporters in football. They’ve heard about this team’s intense home-field advantage. They’ve been told about that team’s legendary tailgate experience. However, convincing someone your team has a better fan base than their team is almost always an uphill battle.

Often, you’ll find random polls or studies done to try and legitimately determine which teams truly have the best fans in the NFL. And, typically, said studies make some bad assessments.

Take this latest one from Emory University Sports Marketing Analytics. According to their rankings, the Dallas Cowboys have the best fans in football. I’ll leave the debate about whether or not this is correct for someone else. My problem is where they ranked the Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland, a city of diehard supporters for franchises which have a history of not returning the love, apparently has the 31st best football fans in the NFL.

Call it bias all you want, I have a tough time buying a study which puts Browns fans at practically dead last, just barely edging out the Miami Dolphins.

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