No Reason to Panic About Tristan Thompson’s Contract Status with Cavaliers

If you’re a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, you’ve no doubt enjoyed having the official team app installed on your phone. For the past few days, said app has been firing off celebratory alerts left and right.

“The Cavs have signed Kevin Love!”

“It’s official – Iman Shumpert has been re-signed!”

“The mission continues! Cavaliers have re-signed LeBron James!”

Understandably, these are exciting times for the Cavs. Their marquee free agents are returning, and though it’s resulting in a massive luxury tax bill, Cleveland looks prepped and ready to go on yet another title run.

Lost in all of this, though, is one key alert nobody seems to have received just yet. This would be the re-signing of power forward Tristan Thompson. After excelling in his first ever postseason this spring, Thompson has done plenty to earn himself a new contract. On the opening day of free agency, word was he and the Cavs were closing in on a deal.

However, out of nowhere, the talks reportedly stalled. It seemed both sides were apart on a few details, but nothing which would prevent a deal from eventually being struck. Adding to the pressure was James saying he wasn’t going to re-sign with Cleveland until the Thompson contract was finalized.

Well, James is back. And yet, Thompson still hasn’t put pen to paper or even come to an agreement on terms. This has caused some to wonder if this is a cause for concern. However, it should be stated that no matter how long it takes, the odds still overwhelmingly favor Thompson staying in Cleveland.

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