David Griffin’s Confidence in Cavs Re-Signing Kevin Love is Very Telling

Last night, during ESPN’s (questionable) coverage of the NBA Draft, after the analysts went on about Tyus Jones’ fit with the Cleveland Cavaliers for ten minutes despite everyone knowing he’d already been traded, the subject of Kevin Love was brought up. Having just opted out of his contract, the panel wondered aloud whether Love would return to Cleveland. Jalen Rose was quick to say no, shooting down the Cavs’ ability to contend by noting they hadn’t won the Finals this year.

Now, disregarding the fact Rose seemed to forget Cleveland lost the Finals due to taking on serious injuries – such as, I don’t know, Kevin Love – it was yet another example of national media showing serious doubt in the star player returning. Despite Love’s continued statements claiming he wants to come back to the Cavs, there are still a large amount of people convinced he wants out.

However, it appears Cleveland GM David Griffin is clearly not one of those people. At the end of the draft, he was asked about Love, and his answer was as to-the-point as possible.

“We’re very much intending to bring him back to the extent that we’re able to.”

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