Terrelle Pryor Pickup is a No-Lose Situation for Cleveland Browns

It seems odd when any NFL team makes headlines for picking up a player off waivers. However, it’s a different case all together when you’re considering the Cleveland Browns – always on the hunt for anyone who can help offensively – and Terrelle Pryor, who was a standout while quarterbacking at Ohio State.

Pryor, who’s bounced around the league for a while now after being selected by the Oakland Raiders in the 2011 supplemental draft, is trying to save his professional career by transitioning from QB to receiver. It looks like the Browns will be the first team to give him a chance, as they picked him up yesterday after he was cut from the Cincinnati Bengals.

The news seemed to thrill many Buckeye fans, who likely love the idea of seeing Pryor stay in Ohio. However, a good amount of people throughout the league are throwing water on the pickup. After all, Pryor hasn’t found any footing in the league as a quarterback, what makes anyone think he’ll thrive after changing his position?

Honestly, this move may not result in anything more than Pryor spending the summer in Northeast Ohio before failing to make the active roster. However, there are a few reasons why this move is as close to a win-win as possible for the Browns.

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