Don’t Make Too Much of the Dwyane Wade-to-Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors Just Yet

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the mysterious “secret motivation” of LeBron James. If you’ll remember, James sparked curiosity by claiming he was driven to win a title with the Cleveland Cavaliers due to some other inspiration, one which he wouldn’t divulge unless the team won it all. Word also had it Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade knew what the motivation was.

Feeling curious, it left me wondering if Wade was involved in this, and if maybe the motivation was that if James won a championship Wade would join him in Cleveland in the offseason.

It definitely seemed lofty. Though Wade is reportedly unhappy with how the Heat are treating his contract issues at the moment, he certainly wouldn’t have a better money situation in Cleveland. Pressed up against the cap, the Cavs already had a hefty list of their own players they need to worry about retaining. With this in mind, they clearly can’t afford to throw Wade the money he’s seeking.

So, while it was fun to imagine the idea of James leaving Miami, then luring their cornerstone player away the very next summer, in the end it just wasn’t too likely.

Of course, this was before all the curious things starting happening with Wade.

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