For Johnny Manziel, Off-Field Maturity is Not Enough

The Cleveland Browns have officially wrapped up OTAs for the summer. There were plenty of storylines to take in from the sessions, but I’d like to think everyone was focused on one a little more than any other.

How would Johnny Manziel, fresh out of rehab and one year removed from an alarmingly miserable rookie season, look now? Would a clearer head and a decrease in off-field incidents make him appear more like the quarterback who took the world by storm at Texas A&M? Would we finally see “Johnny Football” make it in the NFL?

Well, one key learning from OTAs is “Johnny Football” is officially no more. Gone is the swagger, gone is the trademark money-sign. That personality, which became bigger than the player himself, is something Manziel claims to have buried.

I fully understand this transition for the embattled Browns QB, as he was quick to note the guilt he felt about how often his teammates had to answer for his issues last year. Clearly the aura of his alter-ego was a huge reason why he struggled on the field.

That said, as nice as it is to hear Manziel say all the right things (again), it won’t be that big of a deal if it doesn’t result in any changes on the field. When it comes to Manziel, the positive alterations in his personal life won’t be remembered if he still struggles where it matters most.

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