LeBron James’ Comments After Cavs’ Game 4 Loss Very Concerning

Well, last night certainly wasn’t a fun one for Cleveland Cavaliers fans.

After scrapping their way to a 2-1 series lead over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, the Cavs got mutilated in Game 4 to the tune of 103-82. There was reason to worry about the Warriors finding their rhythm during an eventually unsuccessful comeback in Game 3, and last night we found out why.

The Cavs, for the most part, looked understandably exhausted, playing their third game in five days while essentially utilizing a six-to-seven man rotation. Common logic was the overwhelming minutes being logged by Cleveland’s starters would eventually catch up to them, and last night was a prime example of this.

There are clearly plenty of takeaways from a game this lopsided. All the momentum the Cavs built up in taking their series lead has now evaporated. Home-court advantage has swung back to Golden State, and Cleveland has to consider Sunday’s Game 5 as close to a must-win as possible.

One odd moment from Game 4 came in the post-game media scrum, specifically from LeBron James. Asked if he felt the intense pressure of trying to achieve a title in a championship-starved city, James seemed oddly dismissive.

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