Don’t Count Out the Cleveland Cavaliers Just Yet

There are plenty of reasons for Cleveland Cavaliers fans to be concerned this morning.

After fighting tooth-and-nail with the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals last night, the Cavs came up short, falling 108-100 in overtime. Cleveland didn’t score a point in the final frame until the game was essentially decided. Kyrie Irving, after looking outstanding despite fighting through a knee injury, left the arena on crutches. Knowing how badly they needed to take away home-court advantage, the Cavs came up just short.

So, yes, it’s not difficult to find something to be upset about today if you’re a Cleveland fan. Golden State drew first blood, and there’s a good chance Irving is going to miss Game 2 at the very least.

Despite all of this, I don’t think you can give up hope just yet. It sounds like lunacy to say, “Oh, the Cavs lost both Game 1 and probably Irving, too? They can still do this.” Bear with me, though, as there are enough positives to be found in last night’s loss which make me think Cleveland can still pull through here.

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