Kyrie Irving Still Vying to Shed “Injury-Prone” Label

Kyrie Irving is hurting. Based on the latest update on his medical status, he’s hurting pretty badly.

The Cleveland Cavaliers guard has been reportedly taking the court with a pretty significantly strained foot since midway through the team’s first-round series with the Boston Celtics. It didn’t really look apparent until the past two games against the Chicago Bulls, in which Irving looked nothing like the explosive and dynamic player we’re used to seeing.

He scored eleven points in Game 3, 12 this past Sunday in Game 4. During both contests, he was clearly laboring on the court, limping often and almost always grimacing. He attempted to drive the lane more than a few times, but nothing seemed to be working for him. Yesterday, we found out that, on top of his strained right foot, Irving is also dealing with tendonitis in his left knee.

A player known for his fluid and elusive movement across the court is dealing with substantial damage on both of his legs. Cleveland rolled into the postseason toting their own Big Three with Irving, LeBron James and Kevin Love. Now, with Irving hobbled and Love out for the year, the Cavs are essentially working with a Big One-and-a-Half.

And yet, Irving refuses to sit, already claiming he’ll be out there tonight for a pivotal Game 5. The Cavs are trying to wrestle back control of the series, and Irving wants to do whatever he can to help, even if it means exacerbating some significant pain.

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