NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers “Legitimately Fear” Losing Kevin Love?

You really can’t follow Cleveland sports without nervously keeping an eye on upcoming free agency periods. There was LeBron James during his first tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Albert Belle and Jim Thome leaving the Cleveland Indians, and numerous other big name players who fled the city for what they believed were greener pastures.

So, anytime a star player on a Cleveland team is approaching the end of his contract, it’s only natural for fans to begin panicking. Right now, said player is Cavs forward Kevin Love.

As everyone knows by now, Love can opt out of his deal with Cleveland this summer. If he does, it goes without saying numerous teams will come calling in attempts to woo him into joining their respective roster. And, as has been reported often, Love apparently had difficulties fitting in with his role as third scoring option after James and Kyrie Irving this year. With all of this, common thought among the rumor mill is Love wants out of Cleveland, despite his claiming this past January he wants to stick around.

Well, clearly this is a scenario which could really use a “Woj-bomb,” a.k.a. a juicy rumor given by Yahoo! Sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski, and today we got just that.

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