Sam Bradford’s Refusal to Sign with Cleveland Browns Should End Trade Rumors

As most know by now, the story of the Cleveland Browns and their endless pursuit for a franchise quarterback is long and ugly as sin. There always seems to be a new name which pops up, yet another player for fans to pin their hopes on, believing the team may have finally found an answer. Typically, Cleveland supporters are instead treated to yet another bust instead.

Lately, a trendy name which keeps getting tossed around as yet another possibility for the Browns has been that of Sam Bradford. Ever since the offseason began, the former No. 1 overall pick has been a rumored target for Cleveland.

Armed with two first round picks in this year’s NFL Draft, it certainly appeared as though the Browns had plenty of ammo if they wanted to swing a deal for Bradford. Many outlets have reported Cleveland attempted to do such a thing last month, offering the St. Louis Rams one of their first-rounders for Bradford’s services. However, the Rams balked, instead sending the quarterback to the Philadelphia Eagles.

However, despite the Eagles grabbing Bradford, the rumors tying him to the Browns continued to surface. Last week, a report claimed the Eagles were working on a Bradford-for-Johnny Manziel swap, something which seemed to make zero sense. To be fair, though, we’re in the middle of “silly season,” so you can’t really be too stunned about head-scratching rumors.

That said, if the latest development in the Bradford-Browns saga has any weight to it, it’s safe to say we’ve reached the end of the line for this trade rumor.

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