Fresh Out of Rehab, Johnny Manziel Now Begins Long Road to Redemption

It was announced via ESPN this morning Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been released from inpatient rehab. Though the QB had taken a few trips outside the facility since checking in this past January, he was never fully finished with his treatment. However, it appears Manziel is now free to go, given the green light to get back to his life in the NFL.

As others, as well as myself, have noted since Manziel checked himself into rehab back in late January, this was a very big step for him to make. A flashy Heisman winner who carried national attention with him wherever he went, Manziel never truly seemed to see anything wrong with his well-documented social life. At 22-years-old, it’d be so easy for him to continue ignoring the notoriety his drinking habits had been developing, assuming he could handle any and all issues.

An epic collapse on the field during his limited time as a starter last season proved things were more out of control than he may have imagined. This, followed by various reports of tardy arrivals, late-night brawls and even team officials finding him drunk in his room when he was expected to fly with the team to their upcoming game, all led to the scrutiny of Manziel reaching unprecedented heights. A mid-January report which featured various Browns teammates bashing the rookie for his exploits throughout the year did him no favors either.

The rest of the world knew Manziel had a problem, but only when he realized this would he truly be able to handle it appropriately. That said, now that his stint in rehab has come to a completion, it’s time for Manziel to begin the long road back towards redeeming himself with the Browns.

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