Hard Knocks Would Be Bad News for Cleveland Browns’ Johnny Manziel

If there was ever a team more qualified to be on HBO’s now-famous series Hard Knocks, it’s the Cleveland Browns. Now, it may sound odd to say a 7-9 team which is notorious for nothing but losing is a perfect fit for nonstop publicity during this summer’s training camp. At the same time, we all know the behind the scenes aspect of this team could merit 24/7 coverage on its own.

Putting yourself in HBO’s shoes, why wouldn’t you want to send cameras towards owner Jimmy Haslam, who has made headlines all offseason – and all of his time in Cleveland – for meddling in every aspect of his team? What about GM Ray Farmer? There’s always a chance you could catch him typing a text he shouldn’t be sending, now that this misstep has unfortunately become his calling card.

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