From the Archives: NFL’s Lack of Interest In Ray Rice Isn’t Surprising

“This is not a farewell or goodbye.”

These were the words of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, written in an open letter to The Baltimore Sun this past Friday. In said message, Rice expressed remorse for the notorious domestic violence incident which eventually got him suspended for the entire 2014 NFL season, and apologized to the fans in Baltimore who supported him during his time with the team. He has since been reinstated in the league, and is currently looking for an opportunity to get back on the field as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for Rice, this is where the “not a farewell or goodbye” aspect of his letter becomes a bit difficult to buy. According to numerous reports, since being reinstated this past November, Rice hasn’t received one single phone call from an interested team. No one has reached out to discuss contract talks, much less to even offer an opportunity to work out for anyone. He’s been officially available to rejoin the league for almost three months, but nobody appears too interested.

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