From the Archives: Making Sense of Kevin Garnett’s Return to the Minnesota Timberwolves

The dust is finally settling on the 2015 NBA trade deadline. To the surprise of nobody, the day held true to its reputation, once again becoming an annual melee in which Twitter is refreshed on a minute-by-minute basis to see which teams are active and which notable players are changing jerseys.

A day like today is always bringing a handful of headline-stealing blockbuster deals, and there were no exceptions this time around. You had the Phoenix Suns finally parting with frustrated guard Goran Dragic and sending him to the Miami Heat, surprising everyone by dealing another guard in Isaiah Thomas to the Boston Celtics, then finishing their stunning day by acquiring the Milwaukee Bucks’ leading scorer in Brandon Knight.

Of course, the Suns weren’t the only team to blow up social media today. In one of the more intriguing deals which went down before the deadline expired, the Minnesota Timberwolves announced they were bringing easily one of the best players in franchise history back home.

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