From the Archives: “Fuming Execs” Report Shows Alex Rodriguez is in No-Win Situation with New York Yankees

Nothing says warmer days are around the corner quite like the opening of MLB Spring Training. It’s the first step of the new baseball season, as the boys of summer get prepped and ready for the year ahead.

One player most people will be keeping an eye on this Spring Training is New York Yankees infielder Alex Rodriguez. As we all know, A-Rod missed the entire 2014 season thanks both to his violation of the league’s Performance Enhancing Drugs policy and his attempts to cover up said violations. This year marks a return to the field for Rodriguez, where he’ll get back to earning the $61 million owed his way over the next three years despite all the headaches he’s caused his team.

Regardless, Rodriguez is all about turning a new leaf this season, putting the past behind him. In his first attempt to do so, he arrived at Yankees’ camp two days before position players are required to be there.

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