From the Archives: Frank Gore Bailing on Philadelphia Eagles Proves Players are Wary of Chip Kelly

Yesterday, I wrote about the current status of Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly, specifically with his new duty of handling player personnel decisions. It needed to be addressed, especially considering the moves Kelly has made in the past week.

During the last few days, Kelly has released key members of the defense, traded star running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills for just one player in return, and watched premier receiver Jeremy Maclin leave for nothing in free agency. Any sane follower had to look at all these transactions and wonder just what exactly Kelly was trying to do, most importantly with an offense now depleted of its two best players.

As of today, it’s safe to say fans and media aren’t the only ones skeptical of Kelly’s motives. Consider running back Frank Gore as another person who just doesn’t quite trust the Eagles coach.

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