From the Archives: Cleveland Browns Continue to Reward Fan Loyalty with Misery

I’m going to open this column with full disclosure: I am a born and raised Cleveland sports fan.

I was born during the peak of the 1980’s Cleveland Browns era, in which the team, led by quarterback Bernie Kosar, played in three AFC Championship games. While I don’t fully recall heart-breaking moments like “The Drive” or “The Fumble,” I was certainly lucky enough to witness my favorite football team being relocated to another city and watching them win a Super Bowl five years later.

While the former Browns and now-Baltimore Ravens have enjoyed more success than failure since their move, myself and other diehard Cleveland fans have dealt with something else entirely. Since returning as an expansion team in 1999, the Browns have been to the playoffs one time. They’ve had a winning record just two times. More than 20 quarterbacks have started for the team, and unfortunately the most successful might be Tim Couch.

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